Skincare Tips During the Lockdown

The world is going through a serious pandemic and as we in Nigeria stay at home to keep safe and help the flatten curve, our bodies still need some love and nurture with our skin included.

Now more than ever, we have time to give our skin some much needed R and R care and come out of this pandemic with skin looking healthier, nourished, and glowing than ever before.

Here are some of our tips for different skin concerns groups

Dry Skin Problem –

When not properly cared for, can lead to eczema which causes redness, cracking, and inflammation of the skin. Here are a few of our moisturizing items that will keep your skin well moisturized and supple during this lockdown

Oily – Acne Prone Skin –

While not all oily skin types are acne prone, but having clogged pores leads quickly to that problem. So we’ve gone ahead and compiled items that help prevent oily skin types from breaking out while helping control the excess oil production

Anti-Ageing –

Many dry skin types also fall into this category as lack of needed moisture causes the skin to wrinkle early. Besides the dry skin, as we age, the skin naturally starts to wrinkle, age spots start to appear and skin care from the early onset helps keep these signs for showing early. And while the popular saying of “black don’t crack” refers to people of color having natural tendencies to stay youthfully longer than most, not taking good of the skin can certainly make your skin crack.

Acne and Skin Blemishes –

Acne and blemishes (scarring, spots etc) happens to all skin types. Yes, you with the dry skin, acne breakouts may happen to you and the results vary across different skins if not taken care of properly. Some end up with severe deep tissue scarring. Some end up with dark spots. And the lucky few end up with little to no skin blemishes. To be a part of the lucky few, here are a couple of our favorites that have given fantastic results and many swear by.

For sensitive skin types or acne breakouts with tissue scarring, spots etc –

Maximum acne breakout treatment for normal skin types. Best to use oil-free facial moisturizer after using the kit to prevent skin from extreme drying.

For problems with acne on the body –

Uneven Skin Tone –

From sun damage, to immune imbalance, to excess melanin production in the skin, most women of color have uneven skin types, usually on the face. Here are some of our top items that help with evening the skin tone, for face and body.

Skin Brightener –

This category is a bit controversial. There are many different degrees and levels for why people want to brighten the skin. Some want items that will help even out the skin tone while safely boosting the skin’s natural glow (see above for the Uneven Skin Tone information). Some want to correct years of sun damage and reclaim the skin tone they once had in their youth. And many simply want to go multiple shades lighter than their natural skin complexion (for a later article). Below are items to use to reverse the effects of skin darkening from the Sun.